We provide a complete range of electrical services for home and business as well as an emergency service.

Our Electrical Services

Additions to Existing Installations

Adding a new circuit is often required when adding extensions to an existing building. Due to change of use or renovation of a room, the addition to an existing installation of new sockets, new light fittings and other electrical equipment may be required.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

The purpose of the EICR is to check the condition of the electrical installation against the latest electrical installation regulations and more importantly if the installation is safe for continued use. From the report items which need to be fixed or improved are given. It is also a requirement to have an EICR done when you are letting your property.

Emergency Service

Electrical problems can occur any time of the day at any day of the year. This is typically problematic when the full supply is switched of due to a fault or a key appliance is without electrical power. If this happens to you or your business then give us a call and we will try to help to resolve the emergency situation.

Fault Finding

Finding a fault in an electrical installation can be challenging and varied as faults can be caused by connected appliances, broken wiring or disconnected wiring, faulty switches, sockets, fuses keep on tripping etc. Faults can create dangerous and unsafe situations and therefore it is important to identify the fault(s) and take corrective measures.

Full Rewire or New Installation

A full rewire is typically done during a major renovation or decoration to upgrade the electrical installation to the latest electrical standards and to meet today's needs for connecting electrical appliances, equipment and comfort. While a new installation is for newly build buildings.

General Electrical Maintenance

As with all installations and electrical installations are no exception, there is a need to check that all is still functioning as expected, minor repairs might be required to for instance a cracked or loose socket, light bulbs require replacement, smoke and heat alarms need to be tested as do CO detectors, electrical extractor fans not functioning properly anymore etc.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting

LED lighting substantially reduces the amount of energy used for the same amount of light given from non-LED based light bulbs. They also reduce considerably the amount of heat produced and last longer hence reducing the need to replace the light bulbs less often.

Installation of Heat and Smoke Alarms

To let your property you require to install the appropriate heat and smoke detectors. They have to be mains connected and the alarms have to be interconnected so when one alarm goes off the others will to.

PAT Testing

In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment includes the better known Portable appliance testing (PAT) but is more than that. It is testing that the electrical equipment is safe for continued use. The equipment can be portable like a kettle, toaster or can be hand held like an iron, a hair dryer or can be fixed like an electric towel rail, a heater etc. Note that this test is also a requirement when letting properties which include appliances.

Upgrading the Consumer Unit

Upgrading a consumer unit to the latest standard will provide additional safety and convenience by the use of residual current devices (RCDs) and mechanical circuit breakers (MCBs). Convenience in that when a MCB trips it can be switched on again instead of having to replace a wire in an old type fused circuit breaker. An RCD provides additional safety as it detects small losses of current between the line and neutral and automatically switches off the supply to the circuit.

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